What does 2019 hold for corporate video production? KTV has a few ideas

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VIDEO marketing is now everywhere; it’s ubiquitous, it’s omnipresent and it might even be reasonable to say that you’re business is nothing without a few minutes of moving images on your website, in your social media streams and your email campaigns.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, how many is a video?

Research has found that the average person spends 45 minutes every day watching mobile videos online, and it is predicted that the internet will catch up with television in terms of hours watched in 2019.

A couple of years back innovative technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360 video started to gathered pace and began altering the way businesses market their products and services to their consumers.

You only need to check how many videos pop up on your newsfeed the next time you log into Facebook, and, let’s be honest, a business wouldn’t be investing time and money if such things if they weren’t impacting on their bottom line.

But as 2019 gather pace, what can we expect in the coming months in terms of corporate video production?

It goes without saying that demand will keep on increasing as video becomes even more and more accessible to the end user essentially as a result of phones, for example, getting faster processers and high-end wifi becoming more universal – and those companies that embrace the video format will be more successful than those who neglect it.

Almost all marketing videos are staged to some degree; that’s fine because audiences and content producers understand this, but in the future more and more corporate videos will be shot live and broadcast through channels such as Facebook.

Okay there might be a bit of a rehearsal but generally whoever is facing the camera will be ad-libbing; and the more skilful that person is then more that customers will keep on returning for what is essentially, great entertainment; and if it’s entertaining then the public are more likely to buy!

The days of one-size-fits-all video production are long gone. A film introducing a company and giving a potted history won’t cut the mustard anymore; you should be telling your customers how your product can help solve a problem.

The high resolution and detail technologies of 4K and HDR are constantly evolving and being invested in so naturally the cost of these are decreasing, making them more accessible to the consumer.

This means that as more people purchase and have access to 4K and HDR screens, the advantages of developing corporate video in 4K will become very apparent, because the increased quality of video will make the content look much more attractive to the audience.

We might have mentioned this in a previous blog post and we don’t want to be accused of droning on, but unmanned aerial vehicles (that’s drones to you and me) are becoming ever more important to our clients because of the way they capture visually stunning footage in niche markets such as hospitality, estate agency and even schools.

As the technologies discussed above start to evolve and take hold, KTV will be there and if you’d like to know more about how we can make your business stand out in a crowded market place, call us on 01423 873009.