Coronavirus: Enabling events and meetings to be broadcast online.

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The spread of Coronavirus is causing and will continue to cause major disruption to a host of business activities as participants in conferences, seminars and meetings are opting not to, or are advised not to travel.

However, KTV have bespoke solutions on offer that can enable your event or meeting to go ahead.
For example, if you have a speaker at a conference or a participant in a meeting who can’t get to the venue, our services allow them to present from their home or office location directly to a conference venue or meeting room, anywhere in the world.

‘Event Broadcasting’ is the perfect way to reach event attendees via their laptops, phones and smart devices. Our Event Video Platform (EVP) allows events to be streamed to laptops and smart devices. Content can be streamed to websites, social media channels such as Facebook or YouTube whilst access controls ensure that private events can only be accessed by authorised viewers.

Presentations, product demonstrations or launches, teaching or learning programs can be recorded and post produced with a minimal fuss, and then simply distributed to your target audience, be they internal within your organisation or out to the wider world.

Today we have worked with a market research company to help migrate a market research programme over from being focus group based to collecting individual testimonials from the respondents which they will record on their own phones and tablets before sending in the footage to us to assemble into sequences based on the questions answered. Thereby removing the risk of spreading the virus should it exist within the research group

So if you have an event,meeting pr project planned and are concerned about the participants being able to attend, contact us to discuss what we can do to help!