This is why you should have video on your business website

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IF YOU want a marketing message that’s informative, innovative and memorable along with being a highly creative way to stand out from the competition, then add a video to your website.

The days of reading long, drawn-out 500 word paragraphs which neglect the short attention span of today’s customers are over, and have been for some time. In most cases customers don’t want to know everything little bit of history on your company, or who the finance director is – they want to know what your are offering, and how it can benefit them; and video is often a simple and great way to do this.

Still not convinced as to why video is essential? Read on.

Adding a video or videos is not a vanity project (unless you want it to be) it goes much much deeper than that. It’s all about telling a story and keeping people on your site longer and SEO and brand loyalty, and as we’ve already said; much much more.

  • Telling stories: Everyone loves a good story and video is a great way to convey whatever message you want to get across to your audience, be it a profile of your business or showcasing your products or even a series of how to videos. Visual information lets you engage with your customers, and goes a long way to helping them make a decision.
  • Don’t go: Research has found that people who visit a website with video (as opposed to just text and pictures) will stay 60 per cent longer. Google likes pages that people spend time on – they call it dwell time.
  • SEO boost: Research has also uncovered that a web page with video is 53 times more likely to rank higher than ones that only present text-based content. This suggests that search engines prioritise video results and are, therefore, likely to be found more easily. (Google also owns YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platforms.)
  • Brand loyalty: If you regularly update your site with exciting, engaging and useful videos that deliver your targeted message and provide value to viewers, your customers will keep coming back for more. This is especially true if you are using “how to” films.

Much much more

  • Stand out: Custom video is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition; however, there are far too many companies that are not keen on putting a living, breathing representation of them and their products and services on their website; despite the evidence in support. Why?
  • Traffic drive: Search engines love new and original content; fresh copy, a new blog post, a press release or a custom video – all of them get a big tick! But why not go a step further and create a YouTube channel to really maximize the SEO benefits – and then share via your social media platforms to further boost what are called social signals (Google it!).
  • Quick quick: Hands up if you can speed read and still digest everything? Thought not. It’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to take in much more information that you see and hear faster than anything you read; and that goes for our customers too.
  • Trust us: The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships, and video does it all through its ability to engage and ignite emotions.

Now that you have the facts, what’s holding you back? If you want to know about how KTV can help your brand, give us a call on 01423 873009.