How KTV can help with market research

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The importance of market research for any business looking to launch a new product or service cannot be underestimated; it’s how a company determines its target market, gains opinions and other feedback.

Effective market research identifies customer needs, drives, fears and frustrations, and businesses use this information to design better products, improve user experience, and craft a marketing message that attracts quality leads and improves conversion rates.

Over the past few weeks at KTV we’ve been busy filming vox pops (“voice of the people”) for various clients, so that they can be top of the tree in their chosen discipline.

Due to signing NDAs (that’s non-disclosure agreements) we’re unable to reveal who we’ve been working for, but we can give you a rundown of what our short interviews with members of the public involved.

Project 1

Here we recorded vox pop-style interviews with store managers, convenience shop franchise owners and customers buying a certain soft drink.

The purpose of this was to demonstrate the offering to a potential customer who would be looking at listing the line in the stores, in this case a large supermarket chain.

We selected positive comments about the turn of the product ie, how fast it would have to be restock in the cooler to determine the popularity of the brand over competitors.

Back in the studio, edits were assembled into sequences as per the client’s instructions and branded so that they matched the presentation that they would be making at the supermarket’s headquarters.

Project 2

For this we recorded interviews with respondents who had taken part in clinical trials and various workshops while testing the product. This was a feminine hygiene product and involved discussions on experiences with using the product and how it benefitted them.

Again edits were assembled into sequences that would be used in a presentation to a potential major US investor, and this pitch was ultimately successful in securing significant development funding.

In addition shorter sound bite such as “it’s great”, “it helps” and “it works” were made into 30 separate clips which are being used in a social media campaign both here and in America.

Project 3

This was the most intensive of the three projects and the work was commissioned through a market research company that we have worked with for more than a decade.

It was carried out on behalf of a snack food company that wanted to understand how and why a specific demographic (in this instance the 20- to 35-year-old age bracket) snacked and what prompted their snacking decisions.

We also carried out some positioning pieces which we recorded with the research company and the client to explain the project to participants and the wider team within the company.

KTV helped to develop the brief and permission releases for the respondents covering areas such as how to record themselves and on how they were to upload the subsequent clips for us to download later on.

More than 50 respondents recorded video diary style pieces on their mobile phones and tablets over the seven-day period and these were them sent over to us.

We then assembled these individual clips into day sequences for each respondent, meaning seven clips per person; while some interviewees sent as many as six clips a day, although the average was around four, and with the participants recording on a range of different devices such as Android and iPhones.

There was no uniform format so we had to convert all the footage to the same type so that we could assemble compilation pieces made from different participants’ contributions.

In all there was more than eight hours of footage to send back to the client to be analysed and assessed before being returning to us for a final edit.

If you’re a market research company looking to go into more depth with your investigations (or even a business looking for help with gaining funding) then give us a call on 01423 873009 to find out how we can help you.