Let KTV preserve your old tapes and films onto a DVD or MP4

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IF you’ve got old tapes or cine films of your family and friends back in the day gathering dust in the attic and under the stairs, then why not let us preserve those memories with our digitisation service?

Obsolete tape formats such as VHS, mini DV or cine films hold many precious memories that you have no way of playing, but we are able to make all of this old media accessible again by transferring, and editing where necessary, the footage to DVD or web compliant files known as MP4s.

Converting films shot on old and now defunct formats is just one of the many services that we offer, and will help to ensure that they are future-proofed for upcoming generations.

Tapes degrade over time and playback formats become superseded by new technology (have you still got VHS player?) so viewing them then becomes more difficult as machines break and spares become impossible to obtain.

MP4 is now the standard for most domestic and commercial-style footage, and down the line as 4 and 8K gain traction there will be a need to re-format old broadcast footage, and although you can’t up-scale size or resolution we can get old analogue recordings into a more acceptable digital format.

Our transfer service is available for a wide range of formats including the ubiquitous VHS (standard and long play), VHS-C, SVHS, Betamax, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, Umatic, Mini DV, Beta SP, DV Cam and DVC Pro.

This service is also extremely popular with our commercial clients that want to archive their historical footage for future digital usage, such as when there’s an important anniversary like having been in business for 50 years.

Before tape of course there was film so we also convert old 8 and 16mm films, transfer 35mm slides, and photos and we can preserve audio recordings from cassette or 1/4 inch spools onto a CD.

Once we have moved your old footage to a digital format, copies can be quickly run off for family and friends.

Whatever the format, no matter how obscure, we can give it a new life; we haven’t been beaten by an old tape yet! So isn’t it time you had a root around to see if there are any old films hidden away just waiting to be converted?

Digitisation is perfect for mums and dads looking to preserve a bit of their history and to pass on to their children and grandchildren (and, let’s be honest, a short movie of an offspring’s first day at school is a great way to embarrass them on their wedding day!).

If you want to know more about how we can help to preserve your memories, then please telephone us on 01423 873009.