KTV’s latest trends in corporate video production

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AS 2018 draws slowly to a close, we thought we’d take a look at the trends in corporate video production that have emerged over the past year.

Video creation seems to be consistently at the forefront of new technology, and it really doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were regularly watching movies on DVD instead of streaming via a service such as Netflix.

In the corporate production world, developments in virtual reality and 4K video production to aerial and drone video shooting have helped take the sector to a whole new visual level.

Could such innovations be the reason that research has shown that including a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80 per cent, and that adding one in an email leads to 200-300 per cent uptake in the click-through rate?

Research has also shown that 64 per cent of users buy a product online after watching a video; and according to YouTube, mobile video consumption has been rising by 100 per cent year on-year for some time now. All of this is why it’s especially important for video makers to stay up to date with production trends.

The emergence of video means that nowadays nobody is really interested in reading a complete website; why would they when everything they want to know can been viewed in just two or three minutes?

HD is the standard video format nowadays, although as already mentioned, in the rapidly developing world of corporate production it’s not all that old and could soon be overtaken by 4K now that the latest cameras and TVs continue to grow their market share.

Video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are starting to give users the option to upload 4K footage, although at present only the fastest internet speeds are suitable to stream this kind of video. However just like when HD first arrived, it won’t be too long before everyone can stream footage of that quality and once it’s the standard, then brands will expect videos to be shot in that format otherwise their films will soon look out of date.

4K video also gives videographers more room to do things with a single shot you can, for example, zoom in without a huge decrease in quality enabling you to offer an alternative perspective from essentially the same shot.

Whiteboard animation is also making inroads, and the reason is plain: it’s simple yet rich and on the white background it’s easy to showcase what you’ve got in a unique way. Many companies also use slideshows as corporate videos, which is a great option for those with high-quality images to show off.

Live content is becoming ever more common with Facebook Live being the leader. You can also repackage and resell live video for later if it is evergreen content or useful in another application. Social video has also emerged as a new norm, and it has become essential to host movies on social media platforms rather than just posting them on a company website.

Using, say YouTube, allows people to find you organically; it’s also a more engaging and compelling method of sharing corporate videos with audiences.

Aerial shots via a drone camera are a great way to make corporate video stand out. Having aerial footage early on in a video helps to really grab the viewer’s attention by showing a perspective of a landscape never seen before. In the past, companies needed a huge budget so they could rent a helicopter to get aerial shots but with a drone much more detailed and higher quality shots can be got for a fraction of the cost.

We thought we’d save the most innovative until last; virtual reality and 360 degree video. A few years ago these high-end technologies would have cost thousands of pounds but as they’ve increased in popularity more affordable versions have arrived in the market place.

We are probably still a few years away before they become the norm, but if your company is interested in pushing boundaries then VR and 360 degrees are for you, especially when you consider that the use of 360 is thought to generate over 28 per cent more viewers than non 360-degree formats.

Corporate video production is a truly exciting world, and if you’d like to know how KTV can help make your company stand out from the crowd then telephone us on 01423 873009.