How video can raise your brand head and shoulders above your competitors

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These days there’s far much more competition for every business in every sector, and it’s all down to one thing – the internet. But the problem with all this competition, all this fuzz and all the noise that is going on is that to become successful businesses need a little something extra to help then stand out so that they get noticed.

Naturally having a website and social media platforms goes a long way to helping to build your brand (and not forgetting a decent product at a good price) but you still need something extra, something a little different. One of the best ways and certainly the most impactful  to do this is through video, because moving images grab the attention so much more than just words on a page.

A state of marketing report from last year uncovered some interesting facts on the power of video:

  1. Each person watches an average of 1.5 hours of video per day
  2. When given a choice between video and text on a webpage describing a product or service, 72 per cent choose video to get the information they are looking for
  3. 81 per cent said that watching a brand’s video had convinced them to buy a product or service
  4. 97 per cent of marketers report that user understanding of their company’s products or services had increased thanks to video
  5. More than four out of every five businesses already uses video as a marketing tool
  6. 85 per cent of respondents said they’d like to see more video from brands
  7. 97 per cent of marketers report that user understanding of their company’s products or services had increased thanks to video.

That’s right, we just repeated point number 4; because 97 per cent is a number that cannot be ignored by marketers. But we could quite have easily have shown point number 3 again; 81 per cent – or just over four out of five people – buy a product or service after watching a video.

Astonishing statistics that cannot be argued with, and if you’re the owner of a small or medium enterprise (SME) you’re probably part of the 81 per cent; so ask yourself, if you are and your organisation isn’t promoting itself with moving images, then why not? Why have you not embraced this technology which, let’s be honest, is hardly new?

Assuming you’re now convinced that video is a great way to boost your brand; which types is best for you, because there’s isn’t a one size fits all solution? Let’s take a look at your options.

The brand video introduces you to your viewers. This is where you tell your audience the story of your company; you get to rave about your core values and convince them that your business is unique and worthy of their time.

The explainer is a must-have content option for your business promotion. If you’re going to tell the world about a new service or product, then you need to state how it will be of benefit to people’s lives.

With a product review video it’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is! Nothing promotes a product or service better than showing it in action to highlight its benefits.

Using video to show the world the faces behind your business is a great way for customers to relate to you and to form a personal connection to your brand. Customers love good products, but even more than that, they love good products that come from good places.

Posting a video of an event is a great way to bring the fun of the occasion to those who couldn’t make it, especially if you broadcast live over a social media platform such as Facebook Live, which allows you to broadcast the entirety of it in real time.

It’s one thing for you to rant and rave about your product, but it’s a far different thing for someone else to rant and rave about it. It’s a well known fact that positive reviews help to smooth the sales process.

Finally, creating weekly or monthly vlogs on various topics could get you a loyal audience and following, all eager to tune in for the next instalment.

Over the past few years we’ve helped to elevate a number of different brands and organisations to another level. Organisations such as the Police Treatment Centre have benefited through our work to help them raise their profile which has boosted their patient feedback and fundraising efforts. Did you know that such an organisation exists?

So if you’d like to know how our expertise can help your expertise, call us on 01423 873009.