How video marketing can benefit your business

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Videos are one of the most compelling strategies in online marketing. It is proven that incorporating short videos into your marketing strategy can help your business grow online. So, what makes videos such a successful element of your marketing mix?

Firstly, there are various types of videos that are used for video marketing. These include product description and demonstration videos, testimonials, interviews, tutorials and live streams. Each of these video types can be used in different ways to advertise and promote your brand or product/service.

Video marketing has been proven successful for many years, but in 2020 it is more valuable to businesses than ever before. According to Cisco, video traffic will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022, highlighting the need to keep up with this online trend in order to stay ahead in your industry. Below are just a few of the reasons video marketing can be so successful:

  • Videos create trust with the audience, and trust is one element that factors into nearly every purchasing decision for a customer, regardless of that the business is sellingVideo marketing is a content type with a high return on investment (ROI). According to HubSpot, 52% of marketing professionals named video as the marketing technique with the highest ROI.
  • Video will improve your SEO ranking. Adding videos specifically helps increase your search engine results page rank in a few of ways; increasing click through rates, lowering bounce rates, and creating quality backlinks.
  • Another benefit of video marketing is that it goes hand-in-hand with mobile. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Since people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users is increasing, your video audience potential just keeps growing and growing.

Social platforms also encourage video content with their many video features. In the social media context, people are sharing emotions rather than facts. 76% of people say that they share branded videos that are entertaining. Creating fun and entertaining videos that encourage social shares can vastly increase your brand awareness and can increase traffic to your site.

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular and achievable for brands of all sizes. Creating quality videos for your brand requires creativity, knowledge and a skilled team of videographers. These components make it possible to create real miracles of marketing and achieve the highest return on investment.

If you feel like you need help creating a powerful video to incorporate into your marketing strategy, feel free to contact our team at KTV who will be more than happy to discuss the process with you.