Here are four business sectors that benefit from corporate video

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CORPORATE video production isn’t shy and retiring, it’ll bandy itself around any business sector like a well- honed social butterfly at a network meeting.

We’ve previously written a length about why video is an essential part of the marketing mix and a couple of points that we raised were that people who visit a website with video (as opposed to just text and pictures) will stay 60 per cent longer, and that a web page with video is 53 times more likely to rank higher than ones that only present text-based content.

Video is most definitely for everyone, and here are four sectors that we regularly work with:


 Whether it’s a college, university or school, promotional video allows them all to communicate with parents and prospective students in a clear and engaging method to help drive admissions and to promote themselves.

Video is such an exciting promotional tool; from a standalone film to sit on the home page to bite-sized focus movies highlighting a particular department or a specific aspect of school life such as sport, the creative arts or pastoral care; KTV has done them all!

Marketing with video helps to ensure that educational institutions have the ability to reach and capture the attention of their audience instantly, as well as being able to convey their unique ethos in a way that other media cannot.


Like most business websites, ones for an engineering company are very much an online brochure where you need to be able to show what you do and what you are able to do, and a marketing video is a must to show off this capability.

From “how to” films to a factory tour that gives a feel of a company’s ethos and culture (which is always very handy if you’re looking for investment) to honing in on, say, a specific aspect of creating a workholding tool, a video is perfect for telling these stories; and a well-told story can communicate far more than you might think.

Video can communicate your unique selling points in an informative and engaging way, but most importantly, it can communicate understanding.

Public sector services

Communicating effectively is a vital skill in any sector, but none more so that in the public sector where positive audience perception is key; mainly because it’s our money that they are spending!

The public sector is a vast arena; from the many arms of the local authorities to the fire service, police and NHS trusts, over the years we’ve been able to support a diverse range of these organisations, each with varying needs and requirements from digital campaigns to communicating a cause, initiative or policy.


The medical sector isn’t all that far removed from that of engineering; the products might not be the same but both have very similar needs in terms of audience engagement.

Regardless of whether it an NHS organisations or one in the private sector, both need to engage with their staff, educate service users and implement transformational change, as well as shining a light on innovative new services and technologies that could impact upon the future of healthcare.

Video allows healthcare organisations to reach more people with their messages, both internally and among the wider public; it’s ideal for highlighting innovative products, services and ways of working, but above all it brings to life the human stories behind the statistics.

According to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills there are 28 business sectors in the UK so it’s highly likely that we have worked in all of them at some point. If you’d like to know how a corporate video from KTV could help your organisation, please telephone us on 01423 873009.